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Step deck dispatch services

This dispatch services is also referred to as a lowboy or a drop deck trailer.A step deck trailer is designed to transport loads too big to go on a flatbed truck. A drop-deck trailer can assist you in carrying cargo without having to obtain legal permits for exceeding the legal height limit.

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A step-deck vs flatbed trailer

We have seen hundreds of vehicles with deck steps or flatbed trailers. Have you ever noticed the big difference between the two? When you must haul large items, you must have a trailer step deck. The step deck trailer has two levels. The anterior level is made to clear the back of the truck at its connection point. The bottom tier is located in the back and allows you to transport oversized cargo better than a flatbed.Step decks can transport the same goods as flatbeds but with less legal vertical height restrictions because the main deck is lower to the ground.

Step deck truck

It is a truck that uses a dual approach to transport cargo. A step deck trailer includes a top and bottom deck. Some step deck vehicles have a two-drop trailer with an anterior upper patio and a rear upper deck, with a bottom tier in the middle. To decide which car is best for your cargo, the height of the loads is the main determining factor.

Step-deck trailer definition

These trailers have a bottom and a top deck. That is why the word “step” is present in the name. With the help of a forklift, we can quickly load and unload the goods. There are different types of step deck trailer, like fixed-neck, removable gooseneck, or gooseneck. You can use any kind according to your needs for loading and unloading. For instance, we can load goods on a removable gooseneck either on the front or back of the trailer step deck.

Which goods are transported on step-deck trailers?

The question arises when we use this trailer. It would help if you had a step deck to transport heavy machinery and oversized freight. So these trailers are handy when transporting something serious. The typical step deck cargo includes the following items:

  • agricultural materials like plows, combine harvesters, and irrigation equipment.
  • We can ship building materials like roofing, lumber, brick, and stone slabs.
  • Tractors
  • It can load heavy machinery like cranes, loaders, trucks, and forklifts.
  • Excavators like crawler excavators, vacuum excavators, and dragline excavators

Dimensions of a step deck trailer

A step deck trailer has no border, ceiling, or doors resembling a balcony.

Height of step deck trailer

  1. These trailers have a standard bottom deck height of 3 feet, 6 inches.
  2. The top deck height is 5’.

Length of step deck trailer

  1. For top decks, 11’ is the length.
  2. For bottom decks, 37’ to 41’ is the length.

width of a step deck trailer

  1. For top decks, 8 feet and 6 inches is the width.
  2. For bottom decks, the width of the deck is 8 feet, 6 inches.
  3. The weight carrying capacity of a step deck trailer, also known as a drop-deck trailer or lowboy, is around 46,000 lbs.

How to put loads on a step deck trailer

This truck has no sides or roof; you can put your cargo anywhere. It is effortless for workers to put loads on this truck. Workers can unload cargo from the trailer’s overhead, sides, or ramps.The most important thing you should know is where to put the load to balance the truck. In other vehicles, we usually put cargo on the back to balance it. In a step deck trailer, you must put loads on the front to keep the truck in good working condition. The tyres of the step deck trailer are costly, so you should only put the necessary loads on them. To keep tyres in good condition, place your heaviest loads on the front of the trailer and then the back.

Step deck

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